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About us
About us

It was a British born entrepreneur, Robert N. Wells, who first conceived the idea of building a Brewery in Seychelles. Mr. Wells wrote to the then British Colonial Secretary on 28th February 1967 about starting a Brewery in Seychelles and a licence was granted on 27th May 1968. On 28th October 1968, Seychelles Breweries Limited (SBL) was registered, but it was not until Mr. Wells met Joachim Haase of the German family brewery Brauhaase, on 12th June 1970, that the dream finally became a reality. An agreement with Haase Breweries was made in January 1971 and Mr. Haase held the position of Chairman from 1971 to his retirement at the age of 68, in 1993.

The second chapter of SBL story began when Guinness Plc took majority share of SBL in a friendly take-over in October 1993 – the culmination of an alliance, which began in 1971 when Guinness made its first investment in SBL shares. SBL has since become a national institution, which operates with a fully qualified Seychellois team.

Brewing & Production

Only premium natural ingredients, imported from Europe, Australia and South Africa are used in our beers. We combine malt, sugar, hops, yeast, water together with world-class brewing know-how and care to produce each bottle of beer.

We use advanced filtering methods, cooling processes, impressive cylindro-conical tanks – also known as dual purpose vessels – for maturing and fermentation, high tech PET bottling, labelling and packaging lines.


We are committed to ensuring that each bottle we produce tastes just as good whether it is drunk on a remote beach, a bar in Victoria, or straight from our bottling line.

To maintain the high quality of all our products, we have highly trained Quality Control personnel who constantly monitor the products throughout the entire production process from raw materials to storage.


We were awarded a Gold Medal in Brussels in 1974: just two years after the first bottles of SeyBrew lager reached the shelves of the Seychelles’ shops and bars. We topped 500 competing beers to scoop this first international award, which was consolidated by winning a Silver medal in Geneva in 1978 and a Gold medal in Amsterdam in 1981.

In addition, we were awarded the bronze award in Coca-Cola Quality League for Africa and Indian Ocean in 1998 and a gold medal in 1978 for the soft drink ‘Limon’.

Although our products have been recognised internationally, we know that the real test comes when each of our bottles are opened and sampled again and again – and for that reason, we remain focused on the quality of every beer and soft drink that we produce.


SBL is a public company made up of thousands of shareholders, the largest of which is Diageo, the world’s leading premium drinks company which also has management control of business. Aside from Diageo’s majority share, there are several local Seychelles shareholders, including the Seychelles Pension Fund.


The SBL Board of Directors combine the best of Diageo’s senior leadership with key stakeholders and prominent members of Seychelles’ business community.

Simon Harvey Chairman
Nicholas Cook Managing Director
Steve White Director
Captain Robert Morgan Director
Lekha Nair Director
Jean Weeling-Lee Director
Corporate Registrars (PTY) Ltd. Company Secretary

Nicolas Cook Managing Director
Mohammad Iqbal Finance Director
Shirley Louise Human Resources Business Partner
Daphne Raoul Commercial Director
Martin Cecil Supply Director