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As the leading beverage producer in Seychelles, we at Seychelles Breweries believe that a healthy environment is paramount to a healthy business. From the water we use for our products to the way our employees are able to go about their everyday lives in harmony with their surroundings, our environment and the people it supports, dictates much of our success as a company.

SBL directly implements or supports a number of projects around the islands aimed at improving our society.

We feel strongly about our obligation toward protecting the natural environment we operate in. Our employees share the company’s vision – one that not only allows a healthy and sustainable business continue to flourish, but one that also enriches our people, our community and our environment, towards a better society in which all Seychellois can live.

Our employees participate in blood donation drive

A group of our employees participated in a blood donation drive organized by the Round Table Seychelles in partnership with the Ministry of Health and the Red Cross Society of Seychelles as part of activities to commemorate Round Table International Day on Mach 14.

The gesture by the group of employees is commendable as they took time from their busy Saturday morning schedule to do participate in this noble cause as donating blood help saves lives.

The company expresses its sincere appreciation for their efforts.

SBL partners with local NGOs to fund the “Water Warriors” programme

Seychelles launched its Sustainable Development programme as part of activities to commemorate World Water Day.

In partnership with local NGO Sustainability for Seychelles and the Seychelles Institute of Technology (SIT), Seychelles Breweries is supporting an initiative called Water Warriors.

The initiative is in line with this year’s theme for World Water Day which is ‘Better water, better jobs’, and intended to pay tribute to the people who work in the water sector.

Seychelles Breweries Ltd (SBL) is funding this project which forms part of the Diageo’s (SBL’s parent company) global campaign to save water and to help women improve livelihoods.

The Water Warriors comprises 29 Sit plumbing students who will be trained in the basics of residential water conservation methods including fixing leaks and installing simple rainwater harvesting systems.

Once the training is completed, the Water Warriors will be visiting communities in need to help households fix simple leaks around the home and garden, accompanied by their lecturers.

Who’s taking you home?

Over the Festive Season, the company devoted considerable resources to promoting its Drink Driving campaign titled “Who’s taking you home?” in an effort to raise awareness of the implications and dangers associated with drinking and driving.

The campaign focused around this thought provoking question, with the intention of getting drivers to reflect on the danger of drink driving even before they get behind the wheel of a car.

The campaign formed part Seychelles Breweries’ efforts to make a significant and sustainable impact on creating a more positive role for alcohol in our society.

Drink Driving also forms part of the five commitments which 13 of the world’s leading alcohol companies jointly pledged to the World Health Organisation in 2012 to reduce harmful drinking. Diageo, SBL’s parent company, was also a signatory to the pledge. Therefore, SBL also have to implement programmes designed to address these commitments which besides reducing drink driving, also includes reducing underage drinking, providing consumer information and responsible product innovation and enlisting the support of retailers to reduce harmful drinking.

Through increased awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving, SBL hopes that people will make the right choices for them which can ultimately make Seychelles’ roads safer for everyone, during what should be a time of joy and celebration.

The new campaign advertisements showed that if you rely on just your own limits, you could easily put yourself in a position to be driven off by someone else entirely.