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Responsible drinking

Thousands of Seychellois enjoy our products every day in a responsible manner, and we are proud that our brands often form part of celebrations in everyday life all across the islands. But we also recognise that the abuse and misuse of alcohol is detrimental to our society, and that consumers who drink irresponsibly can cause serious harm to themselves and others. Thus, we believe it is in our own interest – not only as a leading corporate citizen in Seychelles, but also from a business perspective – to tackle these challenges in concert with key stakeholders in government and civil society.

We strongly support programmes, practices and policies that address issues related to the misuse of alcohol including drink driving, underage drinking, and excessive consumption of alcohol. We encourage our consumers to make responsible decisions about drinking – or not drinking – and we expect the same from our employees worldwide.

For more information about what SBL and Diageo are doing to promote responsible drinking, please click on the appropriate selection on the left.

Launched in 2008, is a global Diageo initiative offered in 8 languages, aimed at raising awareness and sharing information with others interested in reducing the harm caused by alcohol misuse. In additional to practical information and recommendations about alcohol, it also houses nutritional, allergen and alcohol content information for Diageo brands.

SBL regularly organises DRINKiQ sessions to share this valuable information with our employees, contractors, customers and other external stakeholders. If you’d like to know more about and how this information can benefit you, please contact us.

Responsible Marketing & Consumer Information

As the largest alcohol-based beverage producer in Seychelles, Seychelles Breweries believes in going further than just the responsible marketing of our products: we aim to market and promote responsible drinking as well.

All of SBL’s marketing activities are subjected to the strict processes and guidelines of the Diageo Marketing Code, which is utilised by everyone involved in marketing Diageo’s wide range of brands.

The code is under constant review and has gradually been built upon previous editions over the years to take into account new viewpoints from stakeholders around the globe, to provide the most comprehensive set of checks and guidelines to which all our marketing communications must adhere.

The Diageo Marketing Code (DMC) requires that our marketing (including advertising, promotions, sponsorships, innovation, PR, digital etc.) does not:

  • target or primarily appeal to those under the legal purchase age for alcohol (LPA) or 18, whichever is higher - in content or placement;
  • present abstinence negatively;
  • depict or condone excessive or irresponsible consumption;
  • cause offence or suggest association with violent, anti-social or illegal activities;
  • place undue emphasis on high alcohol content
  • imply that alcohol may be medicinal or a health product;
  • depict activities or locations where drinking would be unsafe or unwise, such as driving or operating machinery;
  • suggest that alcohol enhances sexual attractiveness or is necessary for social or sexual success.

SBL and Diageo are committed to applying the same internal self-regulatory rigour to new media. Digital marketing is evolving in a dynamic and rapidly changing multi-channel environment, and Diageo has also rolled out a Digital Code of Practice to react to the specificities of digital and online marketing.